The studio went on a trip to Madrid for a site visit and visiting Madrid´s housing and urban developments.

(MVRDV - Celosia Housing & Edificio Mirador, Amann-Canovas-Maruri (ACM) Housing, FOA Housing, Thom Mayne Housing, Aranguren + Gallegos housing project, Vallecas 51 Housing, Eco-Boulevard,...)


We traveled to Istanbul to visit some of the works of Mimar Sinan including the Süleymaniye, Şehzade and Mihrimah Sultan Mosques; the mausoleums of Süleyman the Magnificent and Şehzade Mehmed; and the Çemberlitaş and Haseki Hürrem Sultan baths.



Studio Lynn was studying the paleolithic caves of the Vezere Valley and re-visiting architectural masterpieces in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of France. The road trip took us from Lyon to Firminy, to La Tourette, to Montignac, to Lascoux II & IV, to Rouffignac and through the Vezere Valley back to Lyon.

The Studio went to Berlin to study the work of K.F. Schinkel. Experiencing his architecture was a crucial part of the semester task in order to understand the evolution of ideas throughout the work of a single architect.

Studio Lynn went on a short trip to Paris in order to investigate into Archives. We specially focused on the St. Genevieve Library by Henri Labruste, the first public library in France and the first public room in the city of Paris.
(Rio de Janeiro > Sao Paulo > Brasilia)

In March 2016, Studio Lynn visited Brazil, to explore their culture and architecture. We had a wonderful time, saw many great architectural pieces, from modern (Oscar Niemeyer, Lina Bo Bardi, Burle Marx, Paulo Mendes Da Rocha, Lucio Costa, Eurico Prado Lopes, Joao Vilanova Artigas, Affonso Eduardo Reidy,...) to contemporary (Isay Weinfeld, Diller Scofidio + Renfro, Christian de Portzamparc,...) and met many great people. Thank you Brazil, we will meet again!

After 10 years, Studio Lynn returned to China, visiting Beijing, Shanghai and Ningbo.
Switzerland & France 2014

In November the studio went on a road trip through Switzerland and France. We visited Basel (Novartis Campus), Lausanne (Rolex Center SANAA), Geneve (Cern Laboratories), Lyon (Musee Confluence - Coop Himmelblau, GL HQ - Odile Decq, Rhone Alpes County Hall - Christian de Portzamparc, Opera de Lyon - Jean Nouvel, Le Cube Orange - Jakob + MacFarlane) and the magnificent buildings of Le Corbusier (Ronchamp, La Tourette, Firminy).

Austria´s Power  2013/2014

This semester we made field trips and visited turbine production facilities at VOITH in St Pölten, a river run power plant in Vienna and a dam facility in Zell am See.
Dresden 2013

In November the studio did a roadtrip to the beautiful city of Dresden. On our way we payed a visit to LASVIT Glass Factory in the Czech Republic. In Dresden we visited the VW transparent factory, the Kristalpalast by Coop Himmelb(l)au and the Baroque legacy of the city including the Frauenkirche, Kreuzkirche, Zwinger Palace, Residenzschloss, Schlosskapelle, Albertinum and Semperoper.
Japan 2013
Getting to a better background for our semester topic's context , department store in Tokyo , we travelled to japan to see on the one hand the site of the project ,on the other hand the famous department stores such as Prada, Hermes and a lot more in Tokyo . Starting with Ginza , the most important shopping street in Tokyo ,we explored the site of the semester task. we visited contemproray projects such as Nakagin Capsule Tower ,Shizuoka Tower and La Collezion. we finished our trip to Japan by visting Kyoto .
Villa Tugendhat - Brno 2012

In May 2012 Studio Lynn did a one day trip to Brno , Czech republic to visit Villa Tugenhat .  It is one of the pioneering prototypes of modern architecture in Europe, and was designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe . Built of reinforced concrete between 1928-1930 for Fritz Tugendhat and his wife Greta, the villa soon became an icon of modernism.
Berlin 2012

In May 2012 Studio Lynn did a trip to Berlin , Germany.begining with  Kulturhaus and Church  “Heilige Geist” by Alvar Aalto we started discovering Berlin architecrual wise . we visiti projects such as City Theatre , Phaeno Science Center ,Jewish Memorial , Reichstag Berlin and DB Bank . Considering the semester task which was designing a library,  Staatsbibliothek Berlin was also one of the projects we did visit .      


Copenhagen & Stockholm 2011

In November 2011 Studio Lynn did a trip to Scandinavia. We started in Copenhagen where we saw some buildungs from Jørn Utzon (Utzon Houses, Bagsvaerd Kirke) as well as the Louisiana Museum which is located by the sea. From Copenhagen we continued to Stockholm, seeing the Asplund Library which is part of our semester project. We also visited the Woodland Cemetery - a combination between art, architecture and nature.

South England 2009

Preparing for the boarding school project we travelled to south and south west England to study the architecture of Edwin Lutyens as well as contemporary projects in London. Beginning with a few days in the capital, seeing the Gerken tower, visiting the AA and Ove Arup the trip continued through the country to Exeter from where we visited several of Lutyens projects and gardens as well as the Eden Project and our wite east of Oxford.

Croatia 2008

To get a better background for our semester topic, the boat factory, we travelled to Croatia and Slovenia to see on the one hand the site, but also some of the many high tech boat manufacturing companies in this area. We visited giant cnc milling facilities, raceboat prototype builders and, certainly - spent a day sailing to understand the formal implications of a sailboat as a design and technology object.

China 2004

In 2004 the studio started a trip to the bustling country far east. Starting in Bejing, looking at the developments for the olympics and the giant constructuion sites in the city as well as visiting small hutongs and - certainly - the great wall. From Bejing we continued to Shanghai, seeing Pudong growing rapidly in on the opposite side of Huangpo river. After visiting Souzhou and Huangzhou we travelled by night train to HongKong - visiting the gateway to China.
(pictures by Michaela Koller)