Our mission is to engage transformations in contemporary culture and technology with architectural innovation in order to create new spatial experiences and building types. Our vision is to educate designers as thought leaders representing civic society and a quality sustainable built environment.

Our teaching is located at the spatial and material inter-section of the digital and the physical. We combine technical expertise with cultural awareness to secure the relevance of our students in the field of architecture for decades to come. From a position of rigorous dialogue with historic architectural precedents we are in exchange with parallel disciplines of “the applied arts” as are uniquely present at the Angewandte Vienna.

In the last decade, the studio has taught a variety of skills to our students including: building -scale robots; augmented reality integrated with architectural spaces, models and construction; micro-mobility devices into and around buildings; machine vision; machine learning; and simulation and as well as game software as a new design mediums. All of these technological methods are accompanied by critical responses to changes in the way that people: occupy buildings; move with transportation; shop for goods and groceries; and use living, dining and office spaces - that demand social distancing and outdoor air circulation.