Greg Lynn - Bloom House
Greg Lynn - Bloom House
Photo © Richard Powers 2010
Sebastian Krause, Diploma
Sebastian Krause, Diploma
Rangel Karaivanov, Diploma
Rangel Karaivanov, Diploma
Dieter Fellner, Diploma
Dieter Fellner, Diploma
Exhibition Technoscape, MAXXI Rome
Exhibition Technoscape, MAXXI
Photo © Fondazione MAXXI
Rangel Karaivanov, Marta Piaseczynska
Rangel Karaivanov, Marta

MAXXI, Rome 2022:

Studio Lynn is honoured to participate in the exhibition titled "Technotopia - The architecture of Engineers" at the MAXXI Museum in Rome. link

The Cabinet of Curiosities:

Angewandte Festival 2020

The Cabinet of Curiosities is a virtual environment exhibiting work developed by the Institute of Architecture.
Curated as sets of three-dimensional atmospheric spaces the cabinet gathers architectural representations of various formats, produced during the academic year. Visitors are welcome to explore the cabinet and interact with the material in their own manner.

The Cabinet of Curiosities is a collaborative project of the IoA with the Vienna based media company Ovos. Its first stage will be made accessible at the Angewandte Festival



Studio Lynn is one of three studios teaching architectural design as a 3 year M.A. program (6 semesters) at the Institute of Architecture at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. The studio is directed by Los Angeles-based architect Greg Lynn and his team of assistant professors with students of all levels studying design topics together.  Potential applicants should visit the Admission section for more information on the entry process and requirements.  Please explore our site for detailed information on the approach of the studio, studio life, special events and student work.