Our mission is to engage contemporary culture and technology with architectural
innovation in order to create new spatial experiences and invent new building
types. Our studio embraces diversity and our students come from all places
around the globe uniting knowledge and cultures in an intense studio

Our vision is to educate designers as thought leaders representing civic society
and a quality sustainable built environment. Our teaching is located at the
spatial and material intersection of the digital and physical. We combine
technical expertise with cultural awareness to secure the relevance of our
students in the field of architecture for decades to come. From a position of
rigorous dialogue with historic architectural precedents, we are in exchange
with parallel disciplines of “the applied arts” uniquely present at the
Angewandte Vienna.

Previously, the studio has been engaged with state of the art computer and CNC
technologies for both, design and model fabrication. In the last few years the
studio was among the first to integrate drone vision, augmented and virtual
reality visualization and photographic geometry capture in the process of
conceptual design. Rather than approaching technology as a tool, the studio
promotes the integration of technology as a creative medium for expression as
well as critical reflection. 


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