Hypostyle Hall : Too Many Columns

The studio designed a terminal this semester using the typology of the Hypostyle Hall.  The focus is on the volumetric and spatial character of the terminal.

Summer 10

Mass & Figure / Plinth & Canopy

This semester we will continue the topic of producing “massive” qualities using surfaces for design while adding to this topic the task of designing a “long-span structure” ...

Winter 09

Mass Effect

This term we will work on the topic of mass and we will study an architecture of; carving, hollowing, sculpting, thickness, poché and mass.

Summer 09

Boarding School in south west England

Looking at the architecture and gardens of Edwin Lutyens in order to understand the complex creation of outdoor spaces in garden architecture and to look at mass as a topic in architectural design.

Winter 08

Crisis - Bank

The winter semester 08 we took the situation of the bank crisis to rethink the architectural representation of the bank as a building type.

Summer 08

Factory for Today

Looking at the advanced technologies and the design sensibility in high tech boat building, the summer 2008 was about a boat factory on the sea in croatia.

Winter 07

Musical Manifolds

This term the studio tackled the equally complex architecture of an earthbound institutional building in all its functional richness.